Stream: Calvin Love, “Wild Blue”

October 09, 2013


Late last year, Edmonton-based Calvin Love released New Radar, a full-length collection of sparse bedroom rock that channels the bleak, frigid loneliness of Canadian winter months. "Wild Blue," the b-side to his brand new "Cool" 7-inch, injects some warmth into the formula with a full-band sound and some larger-scale atmospherics. Are you ever coming back? Love asks repeatedly at the climax—his voice tender but emphatic—just before the song dissolves in a cloud of foggy '80s-style synths. The single drops October 15th via Hit City USA. Below, see Love's full schedule of appearances at this year's CMJ.

Stream: Calvin Love, "Wild Blue"

CMJ Schedule
10/16 Newtown Radio @ Shea Stadium, 9:20pm
10/16 Aquarium Drunkard @ Mercury Lounge, 11:00pm
10/17 My Social List @ Muchmore's, 1:15pm
10/17 Panache @ Baby's All Right, 9:40pm
10/18 SHOT! @ Fontana's, 10:45pm

Stream: Calvin Love, “Wild Blue”