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Stream Shy Girls' Timeshare EP


Portland's Shy Girls makes straightforward, slow R&B in the sultry half-point between Miguel and inc., cozying his voice around traditional jazz guitar and Rhodes, livened up by a few triple-tracked vocal flourishes. There's a lot to love. The title of his new EP, Timeshare, refers to the time of relationships: "the record is largely about social interaction and time spent in intense relationships," he says, "whether romantic or otherwise…wins and losses, the perils and triumphs of spending time and emotional energy around people. It's a very personal record in a lot of ways." We'll be streaming it here for a week, and it's out now on iTunes, and physically via Hit City U.S.A. and ASL.

Stream: Shy Girls' Timeshare EP

Stream Shy Girls' Timeshare EP