David Bowie Stars in a Film for Louis Vuitton

When an artist-designer collaboration works, it’s so seamlessly awesome and beautiful that you can nearly forget that the intent is a marketing push and a sales boost Such is the case with L’Invitation Au Voyage, the short film for Louis Vuitton featuring David Bowie and model Arizona Muse, directed by provocateur Romain Gavras, the auteur behind M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” and “Born Free.” Skipping from the Louvre to Venice’s Piazza San Marco, the  clip follows Muse as she’s introduced to a lavish party while Bowie performs a harpsichord rendition of “I’d Rather Be High,” from his latest album The Next Day. Aside from the gold-painted, Vuitton-monogrammed man—and the purse Muse carries throughout—the production comes out looking more like what could have been the video for the song, rather than an ad for one of the largest luxury fashion houses.

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  1. Simon Aussel says:


    We’re in charge of the communication of the new Louis Vuitton campaign. The video streamed this morning wasn’t the official one.

    The good one have just been released. Can you please replace the former video by this one :

    Thanks a lot.

    Simon from BETC.