Stream: Starlito and Ryan Hemsworth, “Can’t Get Over You”

Yours Truly got Starlito and Ryan Hemsworth together IRL over the summer. The result, via NPR, is “Can’t Get Over You,” a heartbreak story told from the rare perspective of a dude who knows he fucked up. I was so full of shit, Starlito admits, before getting down to the even more-raw truth: Forgot about the way I truly felt/ Cause I was overwhelmed…Can’t get over it/ And what’s worse I can’t control it. Always nice to hear a guy spell out how men have unwieldy, cumbersome emotions too. As ever, Hemsworth teases those out, one pregnant-tear-harp-pluck at a time. For more wisdom on the power of collaboration, read Starlito and rap teammate Don Trip’s recent interview with FADER.

Stream: Starlito and Ryan Hemsworth, “Can’t Get Over You”

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