Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre Preview a New Song in Beats By Dre Commercial

The latest Beats by Dre commercial does more than just promote their new Pill speakers, it also previews a new Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre collaboration. The 90-second clip begins in the studio, where the two are working on a new Kendrick verse. It’s been a long night and it’s still not sounding quite right so they part ways, each taking a Pill with him so they can keep plugging. And then long story short, it needed more high hats. No word yet as to where this song will end up– or if it will end up anywhere at all– but it should be noted that the YouTube video is tagged with a #Detox2014 hashtag.

In other Beats by Dre news, yesterday the company announced that the their “game-changing” music streaming service, Beats Music, is up and running privately and will be ready for launch in the new year. They also shared the design for their collaboration with Alexander Wang, which will be available beginning Dec. 16. Spend everything.

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