Migos Make Their Fashion Debut for Rocksmith


In a surprising twist of fate, the first clothing label to offer Migos a modeling stint wasn’t Versace– the music-loving fashion house at the receiving end of one of hip-hop’s best odes this year. Instead, NYC street wear brand Rocksmith took that initiative and tapped the Gen F alums to appear in the lookbook for their splashy holiday collection of everything from tees to button downs, jeans, jackets, sweats, and accessories. While there aren’t any Medusa heads, Rocksmith’s cold weather gear is emblazoned with a geometric print that’s a close relative to Versace’s zigzag trim, and for those who like even bolder headwear, there’s a printed skimask. Priced from $30 (for said ski mask) to $194 (for a parka), the collection is a more affordable way to grab their style than by donning, you know, Versace.

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  1. Please Note says:

    The boys didn’t design this Rocksmith collection… they’re just modeling the clothes.

  2. JJ says:

    Dope! That hoodie is clean.
    Check out this brand… http://www.teruo.com