Stream: Dessert, “Lovelink”

Premiere: LA trio Dessert’s second track ever, “Lovelink.” Doesn’t just hop genres, it hops the fences of genres and cannonballs into the pools beyond them.

December 11, 2013


I love this. There's about seven songs contained in "Lovelink"—some stomping, some shivering, cop sirens, Prefuse-y bleep-synths, slowed-down gabber drums even, and most importantly a soft voice that dances across the track like if you dismissively flicked a caterpillar and, as it flew through the air, it turned into a butterfly and just hung out. "Lovelink" is only the second song of LA/NY trio Dessert, whose record label is currently listed on Facebook as "NO." So… someone get on that.

Stream: Dessert, "Lovelink"

Stream: Dessert, "You're Welcome"

Stream: Dessert, “Lovelink”