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Asher Roth Announces New Album, RetroHash

Last night the Sonos Studio House Party in L.A. long-dormant party rapper Asher Roth debuted some new music off a new project. Tonight he revealed that project, his sophomore album's, anagrammed name: RetroHash. The sunset-lit video-announcement also previews a new song called "Pot Of Gold," which can be downloaded here for the steep price of your e-mail address. Last July in an interview with -- who else but! -- BroBible, Roth admitted that he's "growing up" but assured fans that they are his boss and he's working to please. "I'm not trying to pull a fast one on anyone," he said. "I'm just doing stuff that I know is why people fell in love with me in the first place." RetroHash is out next year.

Asher Roth Announces New Album, RetroHash