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The GTW, "Bleach Pool" MP3

photographer Alex Wesh

One of the SoundCloud tags on Chicago producer, vocalist and JODY member The GTW's new track is "So So Def Bass." Rightly so—"Bleach Pool" wouldn't sound out of place between Lathuan and Katrina on So So Def Bass All-Stars 3 (my favorite of the legendary Atlanta compilation series). If similar, the song is more chilling that So So Def's usual fare, with disembodied vocals floating over an ass-clapping kick drum. Inspired by a relationship in which his clothes were dragged through a pool of bleach (a fairly ingenious revenge tactic), the track first appeared on Brooklyn DJ Kitty Cash's recent Love The Free tape, alongside exclusives from Kelela, Jesse Boykins III and more.

Download: The GTW, "Bleach Pool"

The GTW, "Bleach Pool" MP3