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Stream: Broods, "Never Gonna Change"


New Zealand's brother-sister synth-pop duo Broods will release their debut EP on January 28th, but first how about a second song ever? Here's "Never Gonna Change," produced by Joel Little of "Royals" fame. With it, Georgia Nott delivers bittersweet truths about the impossibility of a clean split post-breakup over a haunted, kaleidoscopic arrangement by her brother Caleb. "I was a little bit annoyed at life cos I got dumped so I had vent to the memo pad on my phone and then Caleb and I made it into something cooler," she says. Turning heartbreak into a gorgeous pop song, that's the sort of alchemy we keep brothers around for. Stream "Never Gonna Change" and watch the video for "Bridges" below.

Stream: Broods, "Never Gonna Change"