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Stream: Neon Cloud, “22”

Tokyo’s Neon Cloud emerge after a few years hibernating with “22”—not a Taylor Swift cover, but a gorgeous song nonetheless.

January 03, 2014

I don't know about you… but I'm feeling "22" (I'm so sorry—I'll come back and edit this out later, honestly I'm sorry), the surprise return of Tokyo's Neon Cloud, the Flau-signed dream-pop group who released a great EP called Knit in 2011 then more or less disappeared. Sounds very much at home on the label, and in today's winter's-here New York, its vinyl artifacts like boots crunching, grainy synths like snow drifts. As peaceful a six minutes as you'll have today.

Stream: Neon Cloud, "22"

Stream: Neon Cloud, “22”