Video: Cities Aviv, “Don’t Ever Look Back”

Cities Aviv, aka Brooklyn-via-Memphis rapper/producer Gavin Mays, has a record full of woozy beats and shout-rapped, Aquarian Age aphorisms coming out on January 28th via Young One Records. Here’s a Rimar Villaseñor-directed clip for Come To Life cut “Don’t Ever Look Back.” With its luminous, flickering, superimposed images of Mays, it suggests a transition from flesh to pure spirit, which is sort of what he was going for with this song: “This piece was meant to speak as a coordination between the internal and extraterrestrial nature of portals,” says Mays. “If Come To Life is to be the total mantra, then this piece stands as its title track in that it embodies the personal crossover one must take to step out of one’s self. Merge with the void and don’t ever look back.”

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