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Take A Closer Look at Kanye's Second A.P.C. Collection

This weekend, in a flurry of Instagrams and iPhone pictures, Kanye surprised the fashion world by showing his second collection for A.P.C. in an intimate presentation at the brand's Paris headquarters. At six full looks, the collection is larger than Kanye's previous line and, is basically a greatest hits of his personal style of late—basic blue jeans, denim shirts, coats with a flash of fur, all paired with crispy construction Timbs. "So I'm into this monochromatic thing. I'm always happy when I have a monochromatic outfit that isn't black, and that usually takes like seven years' worth of shopping to get right," he told reporters. With high quality images finally surfacing, you can now take a closer look at Kanye's second A.P.C. collection, and pick out what you're going to buy when this hit stores in July, including the sweater Kanye called "some shit I would wear to the airport."

Take A Closer Look at Kanye's Second A.P.C. Collection