Video: Pastelheart Shows Us His Streets

Through the Obey You Collective: South Africa series, FADER and Sprite are teaming up to spotlight South Africa’s exciting street culture by showcasing the scene’s most promising artists and entrepreneurs. Yesterday we introduced you to pastelheart, an eccentric 24-year-old from Durban who makes pop-influenced street art that’s beautifully odd and intensely his own. Today, we dive even deeper into his artistic universe with the first of two videos, shot by Cape Town’s Adriaan Louw and narrated by pastelheart himself. “A mural has a lifespan,” he says in the voiceover atop striking visuals of Durban’s oceanfront scenery. “It could last for ten years or it could be painted over in two days, so you have to respect the wall you paint on.” To keep things strictly homegrown, the music in the clip is a track called “If You Wanna” by South African-based Daddy and produced by DeepSoul Music. Check back on Monday for the conclusion of pastelheart’s mini-doc, and keep tabs on all of the Obey You Collective: South Africa coverage at

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