Stream: SoftSpot, “You/Yours”

Listen to “You/Yours” a song from Bushwick trio SoftSpot’s forthcoming debut album, MASS.

February 04, 2014


SoftSpot is the Bushwick, Brooklyn-based trio of singer/bassist Sarah Kinlaw, guitarist Bryan Keller Jr and drummer Blaze Bateh, who is also a member of the Athens, GA rock band Bambara. They've only released one full-length before (2012's Ensō), but the Kate Bush-like gymnastics of Kinlaw's vocal line on on "You/Yours" has something precocious to it, like the disparate sum of a lot of pretty micro-melodies that flit by too fast for you to actually grab on to any of them. It's almost more akin to the experience of listening to 19th century classical music than the experience of listening to rock, especially when the whole thing opens up into a woozy, instrumental swoon. It's a song from the band's forthcoming second record, MASS, which they're self-releasing on April 8th.

Stream: SoftSpot, "You/Yours"

Stream: SoftSpot, “You/Yours”