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Is Cam'ron Planning a Line of Capes?

Cam'ron's been rocking capes around town recently, and now, if his Instagram is to be believed, expect a line of them to drop soon from the rapper and menswear designer Mark McNairy. Cam’ron posted a picture of a meeting with the McNairy team along with caption, “with McNairy discussing our new Capeline #HateNowCapeLater #TrendSetter.” We've always thought of him as something a superhero, and if he does produce the line, the real question will be whether or not they'll look like the custom Dipset one he donned during the Super Bowl (pictured above) or more like the sleek black one he wore when popped up on stage at 2 Chainz’s NYC show recently. Stay tuned here for more cape news.

Is Cam'ron Planning a Line of Capes?