Orchid Tapes Announces Boring Ecstasy: Bedroom Pop Compilation

orchid tapes compilation


Last week was the fourth anniversary of Orchid Tapes, the New York DIY label co-founded by Warren Hildebrand and Brian Vu that, like a snowball rolling from the top of Big Cartel mountain, has picked up increasing speed and energy to careen, these days, with the force of a bedroom pop avalanche. Now, to mark the general unmissable-ness of the label’s present, they’re putting out Boring Ecstasy, a vinyl compilation featuring a real who’s-who of hushed mood-setters. Full tracklist is below. Of the featured artists, Elvis Depressedly, Alex G, Ricky Eat Acid, R.L. Kelly, Home Alone and Four Visions will all play a label showcase on March 29th at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium—look for the 12-inch to go on sale then-abouts. Today, stream Yohuna’s “Badges,” one of many highlights. Aaaaaaagh.

Stream: Yohuna, “Badges”

1. Ricky Eat Acid – Can You See It’s Bloom
2. Alex G – Cards
3. R.L. Kelly – Everything’s Cool
4. The Sweater I Gave You – Nobody’s Baby
5. Four Visions – Hazy Past
6. Home Alone – Catching Hours
7. Julia Brown – Without You
8. Infinity Crush – Spoiled
9. Elvis Depressedly – N.M.S.S. (Amy’s Demo Tape)
10. HAPPY TRENDY – Spirit Week
11. Yohuna – Badges
12. Foxes in Fiction – Rearrange
13. Euphoria Again – Change
14. MEISHI SMILE – Sincerity

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