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Download LIZ’s “Just Like You” EP

An EP of throwback R&B from newcomer LIZ.

February 28, 2014

Don't judge an R&B album by it's cover! LIZ’s Just Like You EP has a tumblr-y, fuccboi cover that's much less straightforwardly heartfelt than the record inside, which is a sweet, un-ironic, earnest ride through finger-snapping nostalgia which we will, in fact, be jamming a lot while dreaming of kissing qts. There's plenty of production stars on here—Lido, C.Z., Mike Parvizi—and a guest verse from Tyga, but it's the recent Mad Decent signee's voice and instincts that carry these songs straight into la-la land.

Download Liz's "Just Like You" EP

Download LIZ’s “Just Like You” EP