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Stream: Erik Hassle f. Tinashe, "Innocence Lost"

photographer Steven Gabriel


I like thinking of Tinashe's feature on Swedish pop singer/songwriter Erik Hassle's "Innocence Lost" as something like the conceptual followup to her "Vulnerable": hearing both she and Hassle sing, here, about their overwhelming love for a woman does some interesting things to complicate the ideas of vulnerability and attraction. Hassle has been on a tear lately, writing for Shakira and Rihanna, and will release his Somebody's Party EP on March 3rd via TEN/RCA, then hit the road this spring and wrap up his work-in-progress fourth album. For more on Tinashe, read her piece in the current issue of FADER about keeping a D.I.Y. mindset in the major label system.

Stream: Erik Hassle f. Tinashe, "Innocence Lost"

Stream: Erik Hassle f. Tinashe, "Innocence Lost"