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Young Thug & Bloody Jay, “All Type A Drugs” MP3

Black Portland lives on: Young Thug and Bloody Jay’s collaborative project continues with giddy new track “All Types A Drugs.”

Photographer Kendrick Brinson
March 11, 2014

Post-Black Portland, Young Thug and Bloody Jay's collaborations have been getting increasingly lighthearted. "Parade" was bright and boppy, with the weirdo-pop ambitions of material from Thug's I Came From Nothing 2; their latest, "All Types A Drugs," continues the delirious, sunshiney vibes. Thug giddily crows about a buffet of drugs, while Bloody admits, in choppy Three 6-inspired parlance, Hi I'm Bloody Jay, I'ma addict (this is all much more cheerful than it sounds on paper). It's a preview for Bout Dat Life SXSW 2014, a mixtape in conjunction with Live Mixtapes and Dirty Glove Bastard's SXSW showcase.

Download: Young Thug & Bloody Jay, "All Type A Drugs"

Young Thug & Bloody Jay, “All Type A Drugs” MP3