Stream: Popcaan feat. Mavado, “Everything Nice (Remix)”

Mavado jumps on a brand new edit of Popcaan’s “Everything Nice.”

April 08, 2014

Popcaan's "Everything Nice" has got such a warm, instantly loveable hook that it's easy to get distracted by the everything is nice refrain and forget that it's mostly a song about hustling to get the bills paid. In this slightly sparser new edit of the song, Fellow dancehall singer Mavado taps the bittersweet undercurrent in his elongated, downcast delivery alone, even where his words set us inside the hypothetical night club where pretty ladies are dancing and Popcaan is bidding us to refill [our] cup—ostensibly with some decent champagne, cause sometimes just getting by is enough cause to celebrate. Where We Come From is out June 10th via Mixpak. Check out the tracklist below, and read our Popcaan GEN F profile here.

Stream: Popcaan feat. Mavado, "Everything Nice (Remix)"

1. Hold On
2. Everything Nice
3. Number One Freak
4. Love Yuh Bad
5. The System
6. Hustle
7. Waiting So Long
8. Cool It
9. Ghetto (Tired of Crying)
10. Evil
11. Addicted
12. Give Thanks
13. Where We Come From

Stream: Popcaan feat. Mavado, “Everything Nice (Remix)”