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Video: Lil B, "Gotta Make The NBA"

Watch your back, KD—not only is Lil B's Hoop Life mixtape shaping up to be his best and most cohesive project in ages, but he seems to be approaching their beef with increasing degrees of literalness. The challenge he lays upon himself in "Gotta Make The NBA," the tape's latest and most epic (in the Homeric sense) leak, is simple but daunting: Lil B must win 50 games [out of 100 games played] to get a chance to play for an official NBA team. He even extends the invitation to viewers to take him on. It's unclear as to the resididual effects of the Based God's Curse: Durant's been flourishing, recently surpassing Michael Jordan's record for most consecutive games scoring over 25 points. I'd like to hypothesize that B's adjusted the curse, rendering it less spiteful and more based in nature, so that rather than bringing Durant down, B rises to his level.

Video: Lil B, "Gotta Make The NBA"