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Video: Chief Keef, "Close That Door"

From a cold read of the lyrics of "Close That Door," the latest from ever-prolific Chief Keef (this is his fourth new track in less than a week), you might think he's finally reconsidered his habit of incessantly narcing on himself. The new track and video, with a beat from Izze The Producer (who also worked on last year's great Keef loosie "Now It's Over"), promotes a newfound paranoia about the feds watching. But sure enough, just when you think the Glo Gang's finally wised up about not blatantly displaying their guns on social media, out come the AKs. Oh well. Keef's Bang 4, the EP before his in-the-works sophomore studio album Bang 3, is due out, hopefully, any day now.

Video: Chief Keef, "Close That Door"