FADER Mix: Tycho

Download an exclusive mix from Tycho and read an interview about bad wallpaper, good comics and steamed vegetables.

April 16, 2014

A couple months back, in anticipation of Awake, Tycho's fourth album, we spoke to Scott Hansen, the project's San Francisco audiovisual designer/producer/bandleader, about how he plans to make his headphone music work live (among other things). These days, Tycho's smack dab in a massive national tour, so we're tipping our hats to the guys practicing what they preach by commissioning a FADER mix. Download below, followed by a quick catch-up interview about bad wallpaper, good comics and steamed vegetables.

Download: Tycho's FADER Mix

Where are you right now? Describe what’s around you. I'm in a hotel in Burlington, VT. We just played a show here and I'm winding down. Around me is bad wallpaper, yards and yards of it. Also some fake pewter lamps and lots of laminate.

What have you read recently that you really liked, and why? It wasn't really reading but I spent a lot of time yesterday going through Joan Cornellà's work. Him and Jeroom are so good.

Favorite tour moment so far? The show in Minneapolis. We weren't really prepared for the response there, it was overwhelming. Such a great way to kick off this leg of the tour, the people up there are great.

First thing you do when you get home after tour (besides sleep)? Walk around the neighborhood and bask in that momentary feeling of being reacquainted with home. You notice that things seem to have changed just slightly and feel a little out of place but at the same time everything comes flooding back. It's one of the few times I really feel present at home; when I don't take my surroundings for granted.

What food do you like to cook, and how do you make it? Generally very simple foods. I try to steam most things and keep everything raw that I can. Maybe some fish, quinoa and steamed vegetables. It's not always easy to eat healthy on the road so I have to make it count while I'm home.

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Posted: April 16, 2014
FADER Mix: Tycho