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Video: Lumidee, "Where I Wanna Be"

It's been over ten years since Lumidee's instant 2003 hit "Never Leave You," part of that glorious run of soca-pop crossovers. Finally, after years of relative obscurity (her last release was early 2010's unfortunately titled Luminadee mixtape), the Harlem-raised r&b princess is back. February's "H.O.T.Y. (Hold On To You)" was a great reminder of the Lumidee I loved a decade ago, but "Where I Wanna Be" takes her in a new direction: sultry, almost saccharine, but with friction from proggy synths and hints of an unmistakeable analogue of Art Of Noise's "Moments In Love." It's weird, but it works. "Where I Wanna Be" is on iTunes now; we can only pray for an album by summer.

Video: Lumidee, "Where I Wanna Be"