Rome Fortune f. Peewee Longway & ShoMo, “Get That (prod. Dun Deal)”

Rome Fortune recruits Atlanta rising star Peewee Longway for “Get That,” the latest look at his forthcoming EP with Dun Deal.

April 24, 2014

Here's the latest preview of Drives, Thighs, & Lies, the forthcoming collaborative EP from Atlanta idea guy Rome Fortune and go-to producer of the moment Dun Deal. Deal's a master at beats that rattle and boom without any unnecessary bombast; "Stoner" and "Hannah Montana," his biggest productions to date, command a room without trying too hard.

"Get That" is a bit brighter than his usual fare, the beat bubbling up like a generously-poured champagne glass, with a guest verse from Atlanta's next big thing, Peewee Longway, in which he marvels at his car game: What am I, Inspector Gadget? (If you missed last year's Running Round The Lobby or his Lobby Runners compilation, now's the time to get familiar.) Drives, Thighs, & Lies drops April 30; Fortune's Beautiful Pimp II remains one of the year's most impressive releases.

Download: Rome Fortune f. Peewee Longway, "Get That (prod. Dun Deal)"

Rome Fortune f. Peewee Longway & ShoMo, “Get That (prod. Dun Deal)”