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Earl Sweatshirt Dumps Two Tracks From 2012

The OF spitter leaks two “new” tracks.

Photographer Michael Schmelling
May 02, 2014

"Any music I did before January (except for pre guild whoa + select others) doesn't matter to me," Earl tweeted as many shuttled to work and school Friday morning. "I'm on some other shit as a human now." It's been four short-yet-really-long years since the rapper's self-titled debut mixtape cracked rap like an eggshell, and like prolific prodigies before him, Earl's spent much of his time since then fighting to distance himself from his early work--diminished in the eyes of the auteur. That may be why he nonchalantly tossed out these two .WAVs from 2012 untagged and not linked to any official OF channels. "*NEBRASKA" is the kind of #bars-fest that Vince, Mac and Earl might've choked out between blunts, with dark keys honky-tonking under revolver-cocked lines like That weapon make a peppermint outta that white tee. "*SONG FROM 2012 HIGH 6AM RAMBLING AT THE 5TH*" is even more dead-eyed, with slurred puns about flex tweets and slangin' wood. 2012 Earl rapped good, whether he thinks so or not.

Stream: Earl Sweatshirt f. Mac Miller & Vince Staples, "*NEBRASKA MM VS ES"

Stream: Earl Sweatshirt, "*SONG FROM 2012 HIGH 6AM RAMBLING AT THE 5TH*"

Earl Sweatshirt Dumps Two Tracks From 2012