Download Allie X’s “BITCH,” Like Lana and Sky in a Screaming Match

Toronto/LA singer lets loose on her all-caps Lana/Sky hybrid “BITCH.”

May 06, 2014


Hard not to think of some Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira hybrid here, on Toronto/LA singer Allie X's all-caps "BITCH." You've got a GIF video with loopiness a la "West Coast," and there's a lil LDR sound and sensibility in the first few lines (Gonna bake and make your diiiinnnner). Screamy chorus turns up with circa-"Boys" distortion. A press release teases out familiar themes, too—"delusional dreams, crippling anxieties, self-destruction, endless ambition, addiction, medicine, and the ambiguity of human existence"—but there's no doubt the production's on something a tad stranger. Download the song below, followed by a quote from the artist herself.

Download: Allie X, "BITCH"

My shadow and I have come to an understanding. I can no longer deny his #Xsistence nor can I suppress her instincts. I know this because I have tried. I really have. Our approach is quite domestic: Early bedtimes, frequent simple meals and bite sized portions. In #Xchange, a few times a week, we go to the circus. A dangerous, but necessary descent. How do you live with yourself? #Xchange

Download Allie X’s “BITCH,” Like Lana and Sky in a Screaming Match