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Alex G Shares Another DSU Album “rack, “Harvey"

Stream another endearingly weird song from Alex G’s forthcoming Orchid Tapes full-length.

Photographer Sam Clarke
May 19, 2014

In our recent feature on Alex G, we asserted that the 21-year-old was "the internet's secret best songwriter," a claim that becomes incrementally easier to stand behind with each new endearingly weird guitar jam he releases. "Harvey"—a song from his upcoming full-length DSU that premiered over at Stereogum this morning—opens with the line success for my buddies, success for my friends. It's a lyric that could almost be the campaign slogan for Alex G's label, Orchid Tapes, and its lineup of mutually encouraging artists. DSU is out June 17th, and since the first pressing sold out in a matter of hours, you can now pre-order a vinyl from the second round right here.

Stream: Alex G, "Harvey"

Alex G Shares Another DSU Album “rack, “Harvey"