Bonnie Prince Billy and The Cairo Gang Shares “We Love Our Hole”

Listen to Bonnie Prince Billy and Emmett Kelly’s Australian surf-inspired single, “We Love Our Hole.”

May 19, 2014


Recently, Will Oldham and The Cairo Gang's Emmett Kelly recorded a couple of tunes for The Spirit of Akasha, an Albert Falzon-directed documentary commemorating the 1971 classic Australian surf film, Morning of the Earth. Now, styling themselves as Bonnie Prince Billy and The Cairo Gang, they're releasing two of the songs as a seven-inch on Empty Cellar Records. With its finger-plucked acoustics, harmonizing vocals and ocean-centric subject matter, "We Love Our Hole" feels like a nod to the sun-bleached, back-to-the-earth hippie vibes of the original Morning of the Earth soundtrack. Says Will Oldham himself of the track, "WLOH is making glorious summer endless, through recording, and endless only insofar as our lives and memories allow. The song, the recording rather, is meant to be somewhat incomplete without moving images of life on the water. That's where the real bottom is meant to be found." The seven-inch is out June 17th, but you can-preorder it here.

Stream: Bonnie “Prince” Billy and The Cairo Gang, "We Love Our Hole"

Bonnie Prince Billy and The Cairo Gang Shares “We Love Our Hole”