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Watch: Exclusive Clip of Will Oldham’s Performance in New Jerusalem

The Comedy (and James Murphy’s cameo in it) may have stole a bit of the thunder of Rick Alverson’s other movie, 2010′s quiet and intense New Jerusalem, but the film still feels incredibly pertinent even … read more »

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Interview: Angel Olsen

It’s not just Angel Olsen’s range that makes her voice so unforgettable; it’s the surprise turns she’s learned to produce by manipulating it. Sometimes, at the climax of a song, the Chicago-based songwriter will be … read more »

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Look: A Study in Will Oldham

In a massive new book, Alan Licht talks to the singer about his strange musical life. There aren’t too many people like Will Oldham. As a musician, he’s responsible for making gorgeous and often pained … read more »



In eighth grade my English teacher assigned the class a research paper on a modern artist. He suggested subjects for us, and said I might like to write about German painter Max Ernst. His reasoning … read more »

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Bonnie “Prince” Billy Has His Own Coffee Blend

Will Oldham was traveling in Hawaii, and when in Rome, got so into Kona Rose Coffee that they made him his own limited-edition flavor. Each half pound of whole beans comes in a re-sealable black … read more »

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Video: Bonnie “Prince” Billy, “Quail and Dumplings”

Oh shit! How stoked are we? This Bonnie “Prince” Billy video stars Nina Nastasia, who once released an album with Jim White on drums that is pretty phenomenal and for some reason being passed around … read more »

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Will Oldham Returns to his Unsettling Roots

Will Oldham has quietly been doing something interesting with his Bonnie “Prince” Billy project. Evolving from a solo excursion into collaborations with various musicians, both well-known and borderline completely-unknown, Oldham’s found new life, and, it … read more »

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Will Oldham Talks Film (And T.V.) On The Radio

Will Oldham loves film almost as much as he loves R. Kelly, and he loves R Kelly WFPK Louisville, wearing the embroidered jumpsuit he sported in never have the opportunity to friend Oldham or Brashear … read more »

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Will Oldham Interviews R Kelly

The first question is “Do you watch 30 Rock?” Shortly thereafter R Kelly proceeds to break our fragile hearts by talking about the party he had at his house that we were not invited to … read more »

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Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Cheyenne Marie Mize, Among the Gold EP

Well this came out of nowhere. Will Oldhamteamed up with Cheyenne Mize, who has been touring as a part of his band recently, to record a selection of 19th century American parlor music. Like literally … read more »

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