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Tyga Plays with Fire on "We Don't Die"

Tyga snuck in a new single last night, "We Don't Die," a body-rolling thumper built on a tropical bass line loop. There are more than a few brow-raising elements here: the pharaoh figures depicted on the artwork, the God Body bars sprinkled in (Five-percenters running they own shit, but they ain't sprinters... no privacy, this time of week, tryna fulfill the prophesy), the hook's pretty spot-on Rihanna impersonation (or reference vocals?) and the Auto-Tuned vocal guitar harmonies that close it out all betray shades of a subtle Yeezian influence. Dupri produced the track, but could this loosie be the first hint at what Tyga's forthcoming, Kanye West executive-produced The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty will sound like? Whether it's runoff from Ye and Raww's recent studio sessions or a random one-off, we're paying close attention to what comes next.

Stream: Tyga, "We Don't Die"

Tyga Plays with Fire on "We Don't Die"