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Listen to Darq E Freaker’s Relentless New Single, “Minger”

The London producer gets loud and proud on new single for Numbers.

May 22, 2014


A body-slamming new single from London producer and Danny Brown favorite Darq E Freaker got an airing on Radio 1 last week but you can now hear the track in all its glory, minus the radio drops. "Minger" is loud, proud and relentless; the kind of tune that makes me want to a) learn to drive b) earn enough money to buy a convertible and c) roll around the city blasting it out. While none of these things will ever happen, my possibly-too-practical daydream also includes d) explaining to everyone I pass that I'm not calling them a minger, it's the song. (It's UK slang for unattractive.) Apparently Freaker's recently been in the studio with Hudson Mohawke and Mark Ronson (not at the same time, surely?) so expect to be hearing more from him soon. UK label Numbers will release "Minger" on June 2nd.

Listen to Darq E Freaker’s Relentless New Single, “Minger”