Listen to the Feisty Debut Single from London Producer/Drummer GEoRGiA


Everyone knows drummers are the most badass member of any band—Prince is obvs a legend but Sheila E is on a whole other level, for example—and sometimes they step out from behind the kit to show a different side. A session drummer for Kwes and Kate Tempest, London-based drummer/producer GEoRGia is doing a Dave Grohl (or a Phil Collins if you’ve lived a minute) and striking out on her own—and going by debut single “Be Ache” from her forthcoming Come In EP due on Kaya Kaya soon, it’s the best decision she ever made. All shadowy synths, punchy drums and gnarly vocal snippets that recall The Knife, it’s the kind of feisty song that, when cranked up in the headphones while traversing unfamiliar or unfriendly territory, makes you feel as least a foot taller.

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