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HTC X Squared #8: The Jealous Guys, “Life (Kwes Remix)” MP3

For our X Squared series, we’ll be unveiling ten remixes of ten great rappers by ten great producers, sponsored by HTC who are powering The FADER’s mobile app through the end of the year. The … read more »

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Video: Producer Supergroup Records Benefit Album with Congolese Artists

Over the summer ten producers flew to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo to record an album with Congolese musicians. Sort of mentioned this before, but it’s still rad and now there’s a full … read more »

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Young Turks’ Mixtape for Wow Magazine

One of our favorite labels, Young Turks is home to bigger folks like El Guincho and The XX and a host of new dudes like Kwes, Bullion and Sampha. This mixtape the label made for … read more »

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Stream: Hundred in the Hands, “Pigeons (Kwes Remix)”

The official designation of this remix is “Pigeons (Kwes._[o=o]. Rework)”. That is because you will need some emoticon binoculars to find the original feel of The Hundred in the Hands‘ quick pop sunk in somewhere … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Boiler Room

Usually on Dollars to Pounds I find an amazing band and ask them a load of stupid questions, but this week is different because I went to an event and asked more stupid questions to … read more »

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Stream: Kwes’ No Need to Run EP

One time producer for the XX (and current Young Turks labelmate), Kwes has a new EP that, to borrow a phrase from Zomby, is full of digital flora. In our Dollars to Pounds column, Scott … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Kwes

About two minutes into Kwes‘ bonkers six-minute space jam “No Need To Run” it becomes obvious the young London producer looks at music a little differently than most. And he does, literally. He has a … read more »

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Stream: Kwes, “No Need to Run”

Apparently, besides working with Micachu and a whollllllle lot of other people, Kwes produced music for The XX early in the game, but none of it has been heard. Of course, we know the story … read more »

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