Death Grips Drop Surprise Album with Björk, niggas on the moon

niggas on the moon is the funniest mixtape title I’ve ever heard. I instantly thought of both the short-lived UPN sitcom “Homeboys in Outer Space” and the Gil Scott-Heron poem “Whitey on the Moon,” which were both probably intentional allusions, judging by Death Grips infamous penchant for stitching together absurdist, race-conscious strands of fringe culture with scatter-brained productions. It’s the first half of an double-album, apparently, and it’s as jittery and static-coated as their NO LOVE DEEP WEB debut—and word has it they collaborated with Björk across the 8 tracks. The full album, powers that b, is due out later this year, accompanied by a second disc called jenny death. Pretty much standard. Stream below or download here.

Stream: Death Grips, niggas on the moon

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  1. Luke Finsaas says:

    Ex-Military was their debut album.

  2. Josh Cullen says:

    Ex-Military was their first big mixtape. With that being said, The Money Store was their debut studio album, not No Love Deep Web.

  3. Miguel says:

    What do you mean with mixtape versus album?