Mack Wilds “My Crib” Evokes a Time When R&B Singers Sang

The calendar still says Spring, but Mack Wilds’s sunny disposition on “My Crib” makes us long to call it Summer. The video finds the actor/singer going on a nice ferry trip around New York City with the girl of his dreams. Produced by Salaam Remi and Bink, and lifting a loop from Jay-Z’s “You, Me, Him, & Her,” it’s a breezy R&B number that sounds it should be slotted between classic Brandy or Ashanti tracks. A number of R&B singers are trying their best to aim for rapper’s raunch (if not outright rapping themselves), but Mack Wilds evokes a time when R&B singers were just that–singers–and sought to set romantic moods instead of turning up.

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