Can You Spot Kendall Jenner in Givenchy’s Fall ’14 Ad Campaign?

Kendall Jenner continues to forge her own unique path from reality show star to high fashion regular to her latest gig, posing on the periphery of Givenchy’s Fall ’14 ad campaign. The shot, which has the moodiness and lighting of a Fiona Apple video, has Kendall cuddled up against another tabloid-regular-turned-model, Peter Brant II, while surrounded by a gaggle of more veteran posers like Mariacarla Bosconi and Jamie Bochert. Kendall’s makeup and positioning within the advert—far off to the left and wearing uncharacteristic blackberry lips—indicates the storied fashion house isn’t directly trading on the publicity value of including a young reality star in their campaign, but instead, perhaps, investing in Kendall Jenner, the model. Surely the extra attention can’t hurt, though.

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