Watch Prism House’s Haunted Makeup Tutorial, “The Skyline Breathes Tonight”

Brooklyn’s Prism House made a very weird video out of YouTube makeup tutorials.

June 18, 2014

In a recent installment of Emilie Friedlander's FADER column, Social Anxiety, she wrote of the YouTube haul star Bethany Mota, "Even though binging on her videos has the simultaneous allure and discomfort of binging on food that isn’t good for you, I think there’s a case to be made for Bethany Mota. Not because I think that Bethany isn’t complicit in making it 'okay' for hoards of young women to define themselves by what they consume, but because, somewhat depressingly, Bethany Mota is necessary."

Dunno how Brooklyn audiovisual duo Prism House feels about the subject, but they're at least riding the same waves with this video for "The Skyline Breathes Tonight." Taken from their recent Landfall EP for Ceremony, the track is only made more haunting by its twitchy clip culled from makeup tutorials, maxing out around two minutes in, when glitches start looking like devils. (One cool, unrelated thing about Prism House is that they've upped a ton of samples for free download.) On Thursday night, they'll perform at Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery with Thug Entrancer and Octo Octa. Below, stream a mix they just put out for SSENSE. Busy, busy!

Stream: Prism House's SSENSE Mix

Watch Prism House’s Haunted Makeup Tutorial, “The Skyline Breathes Tonight”