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Watch Girls Play an Acoustic Version "Summertime"

Here at the FADER office, we just had to crack open a window to warm up the frozen office. With tomorrow being the longest day of the year and the first day of summer, it seems like the perfect opportunity to bring back one of our favorite relics from FADER TV: Christopher Owens’ croony acoustic feel-good band Girls singing “Summertime.” Since this August ’09 video, Owens left Girls to pursue a solo career, officially putting an end to the band that produced the textbook hipster track “Lust For Life” and sugary west coast surf tracks like "Thee Oh So Protective One." The nostalgia for Girls-past adds a layer of poignancy, giving their flannel-clad acoustic set a particularly bittersweet flair that would go perfectly with a couple of beers on a rooftop.

Watch Girls Play an Acoustic Version "Summertime"