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Cam'ron Shows No Remorse in New "Funeral" Video

Killa Cam is a man without remorse in this sinister, Sopranos-esque new video for "Funeral," a song off the forthcoming first volume of his First of the Month series. From his seat in the church pews, the Harlem rapper tells the story of how the dead man -- a snitch, as things would have it -- got to be that way: I'm at my man funeral, looking' at his girl cry, preacher saying' he a good man, he spits, man, that's a fuckin' lie. Directed by BLACKPRO. The first installment of Cam'ron's First of the Month EP series, which will see cameos by Dipset dudes, 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj and more, is out July 1.

Cam'ron Shows No Remorse in New "Funeral" Video