Hodgy Beats and Left Brain Co-Star as Ruff Riders in “Nowadays”

Odd Future know how to have fun in their music videos. See any old clip by Tyler the Creator or Mellowhype). In “Nowadays” the reliable duo of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain jump on some ATVs to speed across sands, jump off hills and to strike a couple cool poses. Hodgy’s rapping is unhinged as he is rattling off different pop cultural references: Mars Attacks, the Ruff Ryders, The Karate Kid, Inspector Gadget and even 2 Chainz’s old moniker Tity Boi. The various references makes the song a bit scatter-minded, but the video looks like they had a fun time shooting and it’s certainly a joy to watch–it’s like the “Citgo” video all grown up. Motocross suits might seriously be the look of the summer.

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