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Quays Just Called to Say “U Stay” on Fizzy New Single

The New York artist unleashes another emotionally-wrought dancefloor missive ahead of his DIS Magazine mixtape.

July 01, 2014


Fizzing with line static—those tiny pops that punctuate the breathe of a loved one down the phone—"U Stay" is the latest emotionally-wrought dancefloor missive from NYC artist Quays. Like the flow of a conversation, it twists and turns through a number of transitions but never breaks eye contact. "U Stay" will feature on Quays' upcoming mixtape collaboration with net-art platform DIS Magazine, which is likely to be an eye-popping affair (check out their premiere of mixtape track "Physisicks"). As noted back in February, our pal Quays is fond of voicemails and you'll also be able to listen to the full mixtape by calling 9174106948, which sounds like a much more fun way to use your phone than obsessively refreshing Twitter.

Quays Just Called to Say “U Stay” on Fizzy New Single