Disclosure Have Made a Bumping Remix of Usher’s “Good Kisser”

Usher Disclosure

“Maybe this is a little vague or cliché to say but I think we have Disclosure to thank for [the recent rekindled interest in UK sounds in the US],” long-serving LA-based house/garage producer Todd “The God” Edwards told me over the phone yesterday, during an aside in a chat about UK garage don DJ EZ. “They were able to capture some of the bumpiness of garage and underground house, but give it that polish that EDM has.” Then, waddayaknow, along come Disclosure with a remix of renowned EDM fan Usher’s new single “Good Kisser” that can only be described as bumping. Is Edwards psychic or what? “Things go in cycles,” he says.

Stream: Usher, “Good Kisser (Disclosure Remix)”

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