Listen to Tim Hecker’s Immersive “Amps, Drugs, Mellotron”

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Every Monday, Adult Swim has been releasing tracks from its ongoing singles series. So far we’ve seen songs from artists like Destruction Unit and Fatima Al-Qadiri, and the latest entry comes from Canadian experimentalist Tim Hecker. “Amps, Drugs, Mellotron” is an alternate take from his sessions working on his most recent, cinematic-sounding album, Virgins; it’s an immersive instrumental that seemingly favors emotive flutes over the titular tape-replay keyboard. It has a certain rustic serenity that makes me think of a haunted forest or something. Stream it below.

Stream: Tim Hecker, “Amps, Drugs, Mellotron”

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  1. nick_s says:

    Said flutes are one of *the* classic Mellotron sounds! See “Strawberry Fields Forever” for further deets… :-)

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