FADER Mix: Doss

Download an exclusive mix from Doss and read a characteristically cryptic interview.

July 08, 2014

If Doss' self-titled EP hasn't been on your radar this year you're doing it wrong. In one blog post, my editor Ruth said Doss' sound gave her "It's A Fine Day" flashbacks and I agree x 10000, not just because the EP sonically reminds me of Opus III and 1992 but because it legitimately make me think of really fine days when people open windows, go for short walks, the whole thing. For Doss' new FADER Mix—which is full of bubbly club music, giggle samples and an alien-sounding Dolly Parton remix—she says the vibe she was going for was "sipping on a soda." Amazingly, I'm actually craving an ice-cold, carbonated cola after listening to it. Download the full mix below and read a characteristically cryptic interview (remember her first bio?) about aloe vera, English muffins and her favorite manga comic.

Download: Doss' FADER Mix

Where are you right now? A big white room. There are two windows, outside of one a church glows (they illuminate it from 8-12 PM EST). Some plants, my favorite is the aloe vera-- it soothes. There's a ball, dull pink and with a bunch of like tiny bumps on it I bounce when I can't think-- it also soothes.

What kind of vibe were you going for on this mix? Sipping on a soda.

What is the secret ingredient to the DOSS sound? Years of refinement, making things that I like and hoping others do, too.

What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you? Marmalade Boy.

What's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it? I like to buy the highest quality english muffins and pop them in the toaster (usually twice in order to obtain the perfect char) throw some butter on the finish and then pretend it's a filet mignon.

And finally, what new sounds are you cooking up for us next? Bigger, brighter, better.

DJ Vibes - Sing It Loud (DJ Slim, Bedsit Producers Refix)
DZA - Macross Plus
Hot City - Buggin' Out (Unknown to the Unknown Remix)
Club 69 - Muscles (Razor'n Guido Big Club Mix)
Dark Clark - If You Want Me
Weekend World - The Word
Seiho - Plastic
Doss - The Way I Feel (Life Sim Remix Edit)
E.B.E. - Distraught & The Puppies - Heavenly Father
Dolly Parton - Peace Train (Junior's Arena Anthem)

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FADER Mix: Doss