Watch a Video for Adult Jazz’s Rhythmically Crazy “Idiot Mantra”

Adult Jazz has already garnered comparisons to everyone from Dirty Projectors to Alt-J, but the Leeds four-piece doesn’t really sound like anyone else, and of the songs they’ve released so far, “Idiot Mantra” does the best job at proving that. It’s a rhythmically insane-sounding track, and the official video hones in on some of the more intricate percussive elements of the song. Filmed in a school or a community center or something, it follows vocalist Harry Burgess as he intensely leads a drum circle before, ultimately, kind of losing himself in the music. Keep an eye out for the amazing Adult Jazz T-shirts the band are wearing in the clip, which are expertly stylized to look like uniforms for some sort of after-work jazz club for old people. Gist Is, the band’s debut LP, is out August 4th.

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