808 Mafia’s Sizzle Explores His Options on Free Agent Mixtape


Back in 2010, when Lex Luger was the go-to southern producer of the moment, another Bricksquad affiliated beatmaker had a penchant for dark menacing beats: Southside on tha Track. He’s since changed his name to Sizzle and founded 808 Mafia alongside Luger–not to mention he’s picked up the mic. Sizzle’s rapping style recalls Bricksquad leader Gucci Mane, as both share a harsh southern drawl that betrays frustration with the world around them. But Free Agent isn’t relentlessly bleak, and more than anything showcases the production diversity of 808 Mafia that’s not just limited to trap cliches.

Stream: Sizzle, Free Agent

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