Kilbourne and Schwarz Prep for Tour with a Post-Genre Club Mix

July Mix

In advance of their July “Do or Die” tour, club producers Kilbourne of Jersey and Schwarz of Baltimore let loose a twenty-minute mix to SoundCloud, dragging in a diversity of styles within all genres. This mix hops, jumps and skips across so many different acts from rap and dance music that it’d be near-impossible to pin it down as “Club.” Three Six Mafia blends into Smashing Pumpkins, and later, a haunting version of the “Nae Nae” appears. And a double-speed remix of Frozen’s “Let It Go” popping up at the end feels like a well placed inside joke. Hopefully their tour can be as exciting as this post-everything mix.

Download: Kilbourne & Schwarz’ Do Or Die July Tour Mix

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