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UK Rapper JWhy's "Writing Time" Peeks Into Private Moments Behind a Pen

Writing is a very strange thing to devote your time and energy to doing. It's fairly solitary, but doesn't feel lonely at all. You are talking to a faceless, ceaseless audience you imagine in your head, who is listening with baited breath. You try to put little jokes or phrases in that may make someone laugh or think, fully aware they have devoted precious seconds of their life to read your ramblings. This may be why I had such a strong reaction to JWhy's "Writing Time" when I stumbled across it via Gilles Peterson while scribbling out a post about Nicki Minaj's butt. Rappers write too, of course, and likely feel the same mix of narcissism and selflessness when they pen a verse that has inspired a thousand facebook statuses and thinkpieces: people need to hear this. The London-based rapper/producer seems to relate, spitting quirky dry musings about creating in spite of everyone else, over a droopy guitar loop: It's right to be able/ to have a right to be able/ to write the things that I'd like to be/ listened to by those who go on writing sprees, like me. Same. JWhy's Writing Time EP is available via Bandcamp.

UK Rapper JWhy's "Writing Time" Peeks Into Private Moments Behind a Pen